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wonderdog Easy-going, laid-back but subtly dark. Imagine an alt-country version of Micah P Hinson. Favorite track: I Don't Mind.
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released July 27, 2013

ALL INSTRUMENTS PLAYED BY Jon Robertson, Eric Lund, KC Olsen, Charles Ellsworth and Vincent Draper
RECORDED AND MIXED BY Wes Johnson at Archive
MASTERED BY Tyler Steadman at Venus Sound
LAYOUT AND DESIGN BY James Vaiana at Balck Cloud


all rights reserved



Vincent Draper Salt Lake City, Utah

When listening to his songs, Somehow, both the early morning gas station coffee is just as perfect as the finest imported roast. Somehow the rarest of scotch would be every bit as appropriate as a shot of well whiskey. Draper's songs will stir feelings of nostalgia and longing in the hearts of listeners from every walk of life. ... more

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Track Name: SAM I: Annie Please
I heard all about what's been happening with you
And I'll admit I found out asking questions I shouldn't have
Then again looking back I guess I always knew
So I don't feel too bad about feeling for you

Lay my cards on the table
Lay them out so that you can read them and weep
Lay my cards on the table
Hoping now maybe you will see
Nothing has changed with me
You're still my everything
Annie please
Come Back
to me

Now I'm willing to bet that you've heard some things yourself
In a town this big those things just get around
So please have a seat I've got some explaining to do
With a price on my head and your noose on my neck
Track Name: SAM II: Living (Dying)
No one ever said it was wrong to miss you
Why does it feel like breaking rules
I can still smell that ghost of your perfume
Why it didn't fallow you out the door
If only I could move on
do you really think I ain't trying

Has it really been that long since graduation
Nobody asks for my ID any more
All I ever hear in this town is your name
I think that it's best that head up north
If only I could move on
What makes you think I Ain't trying
Living without you feels a lot more like dying
Living without you I could have swore I was dying
Living without you
Track Name: SAM III: Reputation of an Honest Man
I can see you now with your vodka rocks
with your hair all pinned up and off your neck
You're curled up in a ball on the floor beside the fire
Watching movies you know so well
I can almost hear your voice
Asking me not leave

Reputation of an honest man
It takes a lifetime to build it
I've got this red right hand
I ain't trying to conceal it

They say that honesty gets in the way of things
I'm telling you nothing but the truth
I'll die alone and cold I'm sure
Because I'm letting no one as close as I did you
I can almost see your face
Smiling to hide your breaking heart

They say that honesty gets in the way of things
I'm telling you nothing but the truth
Track Name: I Don't Mind
You show up late with a bottle of wine
Like you read it from a script you apologize
Point me at the man that could stay angry at those eyes
You say put on your shoes and lace them up tight
Lock up the door and Leave on the light
You had better take my hand I'm taking you out tonight

And I don't mind
It's no surprise
It's no one's fault but mine

You're up before the sun and out before the news
I'm left with lies and a couple of truths
A box of your letters and IOUs
I breathe in deep and remember your ghost
I can't believe I'm still tangled in your ropes
you cut me down before but I don't let go
Track Name: Carolina
I have been dead most of my life
Shot down in the middle of my friends
On a playground of sorts in T-shirts and shorts
Me with blood on my hands

But you sat right down
Put pressure on the wound
Held me close
As I tried not to move

I've been through a lot and I've tried to stay strong
But I can't take credit for my good
I'm here because of her she's here because of fate
Oh my god I don't dare call it luck

She sits me down
On a kitchen stool
Cuts my hair
As I try not to move
I'm sipping scotch
Just to settle my nerves
Holding my breathe
To still my racing heart
After all these years
Of acting like her man
She's my unknown legend
She's my sweet carolina

I used to think that old Mic had it right
That we'd do some living once we died
But I've been there and back and now she's by my side
And I think I'm doing just fine

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