Bring On The Bad Dreams

by Vincent Draper

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released November 16, 2018

All sounds performed by:
Tate Law
KC Olsen

Mixed by:
Casey Romney

Mastered by:
Tyler Steadman, Archive Recordings


all rights reserved



Vincent Draper Salt Lake City, Utah

When listening to his songs, Somehow, both the early morning gas station coffee is just as perfect as the finest imported roast. Somehow the rarest of scotch would be every bit as appropriate as a shot of well whiskey. Draper's songs will stir feelings of nostalgia and longing in the hearts of listeners from every walk of life. ... more

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Track Name: Better Off
You said that I'd be better off
That later I would thank you and this pain it wouldn't last long
You said that it would be so hard
But soon I would find all everything I'd ever wanted
Woman, it still is you
You're still the only one I choose
Honey, you were so wrong
When you said that I'd be better off

Look at me now
You've hoisted up my anchor and you set me free to sail
You cast me out
Without a map or compass, without a point of refference
You were my lighthouse
You showed me the way home to the only one I'd ever known
Look at me now
You said that I'd be better off, I've never been so lost before, I've never been so lost

You put me in a bottle
I suppose it's only fitting just the way that I'd been drinking in
Tell me, is this drowning?
I know that I'm still sinking, I'm afraid I might be breathing in
I'm waiting for your rescue
I'm out at sea please come find me
I've been gone for so long
You called off the search you're off the case you cut me off when all was lost when all was lost you cut me off
Track Name: Don't Call
Don't call me up with nothing to say
Don't crawl back acting like nothing has changed
If our paths get to crossing keep walking away
Don't recognize me don't you dare speak my name
Don't call out for me, babe
And I promise I won't do the same

Don't wake up crying, shaking from fear
Don't reach over startled when you see I'm not there
If the night time get's cold darling tuck yourself in
Don't lie awake thinking what should have been
Don't reach out for me, babe
And I promise I won't do the same

Don't hate yourself for running away
Don't cross your mind with me don't let your heart ache
The tough they get going when the going gets tough
Now you've got to forget how you had just given up
Don't hate yourself, babe
And I promise I won't do the same
Track Name: Tell Me How
Can you tell me how do you hate me?
Compare me to a bad day at work
Say I'm like the dad that made you hurt
I'm the catch that snags and tears your favorite shirt
Can you tell me how do you hate me now?

Will you count the ways I'm not what you need?
List for me all the times I let you down
Make believe I'm lower than the ground
Cut my balls and kick me when I'm down
Will you count the ways you needed someone else?

Can we talk about how dreadful I was?
Like a wretched stinking dog from which you'd run
So miserable you had no choice but give up
However did you live with such disgust?
Can we talk about how dreadful I was?

Now honey, listen to me, it's my turn to speak
It might make you sick to know how much I loved you
To know I had a reason
I'd finally found a reason to live
Honey, you were it

Can you tell me how do you hate me?
Describe in full the fool you think I am
How slim the chance there has been ever less a man
How you'd rather die a thousand fiery deaths than ever see my face again
Will you tell me how?
Track Name: Just a Dream
I make my coffee
I brush my teeth
Step into my my shoes
And move to the street
I work through the daylight
It's all so routine
Then put on some record
And I fall asleep

Then you come to me sweetly, love
Lay a kiss on my cheek
Hold me so tenderly
I promise never to leave
Then I wake without you
Was it all just a dream?

I pass the hours
They pass me like weeks
I'm haunted and followed
By men I don't see
This world is a nightmare
In which I long for sleep
I can't live without you
Still I continue to breathe

I'm fighting my falling asleep
I know you'll be coming to me
Still I wake every morning from the same dream
It's like losing you all over and over again
Track Name: Bring On The Bad Dreams
Write me song
Stop my heart
Change my ming and prove me wrong
Make me weak and make me small

Make me known
Make me loathed
Make me bend and make me fold
Paint me cruel and all alone in her eyes

Leave me worse off
Leave ruined
Leave me tired and leave me broke like it was me that hung the rope
Leave me spit on and cast out and cold

Make this my last
Make me the worst
Pretend the past was all just a fiction
Forget the many times I was your first

Write me a song
Stop my heart
Bury me next to a stone

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